Notice: this is a reprint from the TWG Modus Operandi official document.


1. Membership

1.1 Membership to the Temporary Working Group is open to any member of ECREA expressing an interest in working on the topic of City and the Media.
1.2 ECREA members can join the TWG via the ECREA Intranet.

2. Organization
2.1 The TWG is established for a term of 4 years. After the end of the term and upon request of the Chair of the TWG, the TWG can be renewed only once for 4 more years, or it can be granted the status of Section. These are decided upon by the ECREA Executive Board.
2.2 The Chair and the two Vice–Chairs (together, the “Temporary Working Group Management Team” or “TWGMT”) are responsible for most of the day-to-day running of the TWG.
2.3 Any individual member of the TWGMT can be in charge for a maximum of six consecutive years. They are accountable for their management to the TWG business meeting and to the ECREA-board.
2.4 The Chair and two Vice-Chairs are to be chosen by election every two years. Elections shall be notified by email to TWG members 90 days in advance, together with the quorum set by the TWGMT.
2.5 Candidates to Temporary Working Group Management positions should present their candidacy as a team at least 6 weeks in advance of the election.
2.6 Votes by email or by proxy are to be facilitated where applied for at least two weeks before the election.
2.7 Elections shall be held during ECREA-events or TWG Business Meetings. Votes by proxy or email shall be accepted. Voting is secret, and a simple majority of votes is required.

3. Temporary Working Group Business Meeting

3.1. The Temporary Working Group Business Meeting is sovereign regarding the general direction of the TWG and determination of current issues to be addressed by the TWG.
3.2. TWG members shall be notified of a Temporary Working Group Business Meeting by email at least 90 days in advance. Furthermore, the notice will be posted on the TWG’s website.
3.3. Temporary Working Group Business Meetings shall be open to all members of the TWG.
3.4. Temporary Working Group Business Meetings shall be run at the same time and location of major ECREA events in so far as this is possible.
3.5. The Temporary Working Group business meeting can modify the modus operandi and/or the mission statement; a 2/3 vote is necessary in this case. Changes to the “Objectives” or “Modus Operandi” always require the approval of ECREA’s Executive Board
3.6. The Temporary Working Group business meeting cannot take decisions that go against the spirit of ECREA statutes and bylaws, and the ECREA Executive Board maintains the ultimate decision powers.

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