The Temporary Working Group “Media & The City” is going to renew its board. As of NOVEMBER 1, 2014 elections are open.

The following CANDIDATE BOARD has been submitted:


CHAIR: SEIJA RIDELL, University of Tampere
VICE-CHAIR 1: ZLATAN KRAJINA, University of Zagreb
VICE-CHAIR 2: SIMONE TOSONI, Catholic University of Milan



Albeit only a single candidate board (Board A) is present, the TWG will still proceed with elections according to procedure. Therefore, all members of the TWG can vote in one of two ways:

a) By emailing their vote (using “TWG Board Elections” as the object and the name of the board selected as the body of the message) from the email address corresponding to the one of the ECREA account, at the address, by November 13th, 2014.

b) By exercising their voting rights during the TWG Business Meeting during the ECREA 2014 Lisbon conference. The Business Meeting will be held on Friday 14 November, at 13:30-14:30. All members are strongly invited to attend the meeting.

The elections will be decided by relative majority.

For any further comment or request, please write at


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