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below find the selected abstracts for the Feb. 2012 workshop. Please confirm your presence ASAP by registering on the event page, so we can provide you a definitive program.

We remind you that selected authors should provide their finished paper by January 15 2012. Please refer to the post regarding logistics for information concerning accomodation options.

Feel free to contact Matteo Tarantino or Simone Tosoni for any inquiries.


To see the abstracts text, click on the corresponding title or  download the .pdf document.

Aiello, Giorgia University of Leeds The Urban Built Environment as Global(ist) Communication: Concepts, Methods, Critique CONTACT
Apprich, Clemens Leuphana University Lüneburg / Humbolt University, Berlin Rise and fall of the city metaphor to describe digital networks in the 1990s CONTACT
Bacchiega, Giorgio Università Cattolica di Milano Peripheral views on Milan CONTACT
Caruso, Giovanni ; Fassone, Riccardo ; Ferri , Gabriele; Salvador , Mauro Università di Udine, Torino, Bologna, Cattolica di Milano Check-in Everywhere: Places, People, Narrations, Games CONTACT
Ciancia, Mariana ; Mattana, Walter , Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy Imagine Milan: an audiovisul design thinking approach to the image of the city CONTACT
Cuman, Andrea Università Cattolica di Milano Hardcopy vs digital mobile travel guidebooks: a preliminary comparison on mediated spatial interaction and a case study CONTACT
Damato, Amedeo Università Cattolica di Milano Cities of Blood and Longing. The Protagonist’s Architectural Projection in Hollywood Cinema CONTACT
De Rosa, Miriam Università Cattolica di Milano Cinematic Architectures IN SITU.
Notes on the participatory construction of a visual urban imagery
Farinosi Manuela Università di Udine New Media and the City in an “out of ordinary” context: exploring the motivations behind the citizen journalism production after a natural disaster CONTACT
Ferri, Gabriele; Coppock, Patrick Università di Bologna; Università di Modena Serious Urban Games. From play in the city to play for the city. CONTACT
Katalin Feher Budapest Business School Digital Urban Identities CONTACT
Hunkiewicz, Cezary John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin City as a medium: the space and street art activities. CONTACT
Imperiale, Angelo Università di Udine Avoiding urban marginality: how to build social sustainability? CONTACT
Kolamo, Sami University of Tampere, Finland Branding Urban Spaces Through Football Media Spectacles CONTACT
Maroldt, Peter National University of Singapore, Asia Research Institute New Media & the Asian City CONTACT
Noyan, Gonca University of Illinois at Chicago Old Bridge as a Symbol of Multiculturalism:
Global Discourse and Local Narratives in Mostar
Oggolder, Christian Austrian Academy of Sciences Losing Centrality – Urban Spaces and the Network Society CONTACT
Ridell, Seja University of Tampere, Finland The cybercity as a medium. Public living and agency in the digitally shaped urban space CONTACT
Sandstig, Gabriella University of Gothenburg There Is A Light That Never Goes Out –
Cultivation Effects on the Freedom of Movement in
Urban and Suburban Public Places
Scifo, Barbara Università Cattolica di Milano The sense of place from mobile communication to locative media CONTACT
Segers, Katia; Vaesen, Joost; Janssens, Rudi Vrije Universiteit Brussel – CEMESO-BRIO Opportunities and dangers of Brussels Media for its Dutch-speaking minority. Research on audience use, expectations and appreciation. CONTACT
Sugyiama, Satomi Università di Lugano The Muted Mobile in Tokyo CONTACT
Sweeney, Moira Dublin Institute of Technology Space and the Geographical Imagination on the Dublin Docklands CONTACT
Szwed, Robert John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin Researching media representations of the city. Preliminary remarks on
how to measure representations of Lublin, Poland.
Tarantino, Matteo; Tosoni Simone Università Cattolica di Milano Convergent Media and Social Production of Space: An Approach Through Controversies CONTACT
Timeto, Federica Università di Urbino In The Middles Of Urban Space: The Case Of Critical City CONTACT
Zsélyi, Ferenc International University of Novi Pazar, Serbia Concrete Dreamworks CONTACT
Zsélyi, Ferenc ; András, István ; Rajcsányi-Molnár, Mónika University of Kaposvár, Hungary; College of Dunaújváros, Hungary Global Staging in a Postindustrial City: Dunaújváros, the Media Platform of Intercultural Networking CONTACT
Ye, Weiming Peking University Phoenix Man and Woman: Discussions on Urban and Rural Gap in Chinese BBS Forums CONTACT
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