Ecrea Media & the City 2015 Conference

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science, 2425 September 2015

urban media studies preview

Registration & Payment

Dear participant,

thank you for your interest in Urban Media Studies 2015 conference.

To register, please go to the Registration Page and follow the instructions below (also available on the ‘How to register‘ page). General information are available at the ‘Event Homepage‘.

Step 1: Fill in the data and be sure that you use the correct e-mail address on the first step as this will be our point of contact. Press CONTINUE TO NEXT STEP.

Step 2: Choose the services you wish (registration, accommodation, tour, dinner etc) by clicking “Register attendee”. At least one service must be chosen before the end of registration.

Step 3: Choose the type of registration ECREA member / student or non-member. Press CONTINUE TO NEXT STEP

Step 4: If you are a student, you must provide proof by sending to e-mail _proof in writing and signed document from the university stating that you are a student. Press CONTINUE TO NEXT STEP

Step 5: If you wish to book your accommodation, choose your accommodation by setting the dates first and then hotel and room type. Press CONTINUE TO NEXT STEP

Step 6: On the page,” Additional” in registration process choose if you will participate in the official dinner and/or guided tour of Zagreb’s post-industrial areas. Press CONTINUE TO NEXT STEP

Step 7: On the last step please enter payer information as it should be.

Step 8: If you choose to pay with the bank transfer, we will provide you with a proforma invoice for bank transfer payments which will be sent to the e-mail you have stated.

Step 9: If you wish to pay with the credit card, please follow the link below for credit card payments.

Step 10: After you complete the registration, you can either pay with credit card or via bank transfer. For credit card payments – follow this link, or download the credit card authorization form, fill in the data and send back to e-mail: or For bank transfer simply use the data provided at the end of registration. All payments are to be paid in Croatian currency (HRK), In the field payment ID enter: NAME and SURNAME of the participant



Up to 15.09.2015

Regular ECREA members – 532.00 HRK ( 50 EUR + handling fee + VAT + credit card fee = 68.91 EUR)

Regular Non members – 745.00 HRK ( 70 EUR + handling fee + VAT + credit card fee = 96.47 EUR )

Guided tour of Zagreb – 266 HRK (25 EUR + handling fee + VAT + credit card fee = 34,50 EUR)

Dinner – 257 HRK (29 EUR + handling fee + VAT + credit card fee =36.15 EUR)

From 15.09.2015. only on-site payments possible

Possible credit card payment on-site

On-site ECREA members – 1065.00 HRK ( 100 EUR + handling fee + VAT + credit card fee = 137.81 EUR)

On-site Non members – 1491.00 HRK (140 EUR + handling fee + VAT + credit card fee = 192.94 EUR)

For all issues with credit card payments please contact us at:



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