Dear Ecrea Media & the City members and conference attendees,

Intellect Books will be attending the Urban Media Studies conference this year in Zagreb.  They are looking forward to meeting members of the working group and developing collaborations with scholars working in the fields of urban media studies and communications.

Intellect is a UK-based independent academic publisher that specializes in the creative arts, media, and cultural studies. Intellect publishes the work of international scholars and practitioners and has a global distribution network through its partners, who include the University of Chicago Press. Intellect currently has a portfolio of 85 journals that include Explorations in Media Ecology, Journal of Urban Cultural Studies, and Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture – all of which are available in print and online.  In 2016 Intellect will publish over 100 books.

Of specific relevance to this conference, Intellect has recently developed the Mediated Cities book series which explores the contemporary city as a hybrid phenomenon of digital technologies, new media, digital art practices and physical infrastructure. It is an inherently interdisciplinary series around intersecting issues related to the city of today and tomorrow. The first three titles in the series will be published Spring 2016 and the publisher is seeking proposals for new books to include in 2017.

Please visit Intellect’s website to view their catalogue and find out more about their portfolio and company. Intellect offers a free downloadable issue of each of their journals via the website:
You can find out more about publishing with Intellect here:

To arrange a meeting at the conference simply send an email to or drop by the Intellect stand in the speakers hall where Gabriel Solomons will be for the duration of the conference.


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