Dear Media and the City temporary working group members,

the minutes of ECREA’s General Assembly meeting, held in Lisbon Nov 15th 2014, have now been officially approved and thereby the management team renewal of the working group confirmed.

The new chairs – Seija Ridell, University of Tampere, Simone Tosoni, Catholic University of Milan and Zlatan Krajina, University of Zagreb (for bios, see the end of the message) – wish to thank the previous management team, Chiara Giaccardi, Leopoldina Fortunati and Ursula Lulkiewiczt, for their great work during the past four years. Our special thanks go to Matteo Tarantino for his invaluable contribution in coordinating the temporary working group activities.

We wish all Media and the City twg members a truly peaceful and relaxing Christmas and New Year time – you will be hearing from us again in January!

With very best regards,
Seija, Simone and Zlatan


ECREA’s Media and the City temporary working group, management team as of Dec 17h 2014:

Seija Ridell (chair) works as Professor in the School of Communication, Media and Theatre at the University of Tampere, Finland. Her areas of exper¬tise include narratology, social semiotic theory of genre, cultural audience research, web studies and theories of publicness. Ridell’s most recent research revolves around medium theory and technology-mediated modes of (inter)action in diverse public and semi-public spatial contexts. She has co-edited the book ‘The Poetics and Politics of Public Space. Interdisciplinary takes on Power in Urban, Media and Virtual Spaces’ (2009, in Finnish) as well as the double special issue on ‘Mediated Urbanism’ for the International Communication Gazette (2013, together with Frauke Zeller).

Simone Tosoni (vice chair) works as Assistant Professor at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan), where he lectures in Digital Media and Social Networks. His areas of exper¬tise include cultural audience research, web studies and science and technology studies. With Matteo Tarantino, he has recently edited the special issue of First Monday ‘Wave, Bits & Bricks: Media and the Social Production of Urban Space’ (2013) and with Tarantino and Chiara Giaccardi the volume ‘Media & the City: Urbanism, Technology and Communication’ (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013). His research interests focus on the cultural impact of communication technologies, identity and ICTs, and on the relationship between ICTs and urban space. He is a founding member of the ECREA Temporary Working Group Media & The City.

Zlatan Krajina (vice chair) is Docent/Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, where he teaches a graduate course ‘Media and the City’ (in English), and his work also concerns media audiences and textual analysis (particularly Balkanism and European ‘spaces of identity’). In the context of media cities, he pursues a grounded perspective on how urban communications figure at the intersection of everyday life and urban design. He is the author of ‘Negotiating the Mediated City’ (Routledge, 2014).


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